4 Steps to a $100 Rebate

We all like to save money, but how about a rebate?

No pesky paperwork here—it’s easy to earn hundreds of dollars in rebates on your products when you join Isagenix®, especially with our special rank advancement bonuses!

Here’s how to help someone earn a $100 rebate immediately:

1.    Join Isagenix and enrol on Autoship (extra product savings right out of the gate!)
2.    Think of two or more people who could also use extra health and wealth
3.    Order your 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program
4.    Help your two or more friends also do the same (one on your left, one on your right):

  • Two orders of 30-Day Program (AU$25 Product Introduction Bonus x 2 = $50) + $50 for becoming a Consultant = $100 Rebate!

Not a new enrolee? You can still earn incredible rebates just for helping others join Isagenix! Make sure you’ve ordered 100 BV in products this month, help two people join Isagenix with 100 BV or more and you’ll earn a $50 Consultant rank advancement bonus! Add eight more people who order 100 BV or more and you’ll earn a $500 Star Consultant bonus. Rebates galore! Learn more about our rank advancement bonuses.

To learn more about our exciting promotions this month to help you earn more and save more, continue to visit ANZ.IsaFYI.com. 

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