It’s officially winter and we’re feeling a bit peckish. Thankfully there’s Slim Cakes™ – delicious on their own or as a base for any recipe, they’re the perfect winter snack. First thing’s first, have you tried one of those bad boys warmed up in the microwave? So tasty and they’re healthy and convenient – three words you don’t often see used in the same sentence!

Why we all LOVE Slim Cakes

  • Only 100 calories per serve with 5 grams of filling fibre
  • Made from whole oats, flaxseed and berries
  • Contains natural ingredients with no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners
  • Delicious on their own or as the base in a range of tasty snacks (melted IsaDelights, peanut butter, get creative!)

Need we say more?!

Everyone loves something free, especially when it’s as delicious and healthy as Slim Cakes! So, until 3 July at 2:00am AEST, all new Australian and New Zealand Preferred Customers automatically receive one free box of Slim Cakes in their initial order, with no minimum BV requirement. We’ll automatically add a box of Slim Cakes into all qualifying orders, so you don’t have to worry about adding them in yourself – we just love making your life easier! This promotion is valid only for new Australian and New Zealand Preferred Customers. Pack prices aren’t affected and any discounted product will incur reduced BV.

Warm up your winter with a tasty, healthy, versatile treat and don’t forget to share them with your friends! Head to @IsagenixANZ on Instagram for delicious Slim Cake recipes and even more snack inspo.