Maddy and Chris Orubuloye aren’t your average suburban parents. Motivated, passionate and kind are just a few words to describe this power pair who recently hit the START 1000 milestone. But these Canberra leaders never expected to be where they are today after being haunted by a bad experience with another network marketing company.

Parents to two young boys and working jobs outside of their Isagenix® business, Maddy and Chris are busy. “My longtime friend of 15 years, 4 Star Golden Circle, 2 Star Crystal Executive, Krystal Wilson, had joined Isagenix in 2014,” says Maddy. “I watched her have an awesome physical transformation and she soon began sharing a little more about the business and financial aspect.”

Eager to lose the baby weight, Maddy reached out to Krystal for help. “I made it very clear that I had no interest in anything other than improving my health,” reflects Maddy. “I’d had a bad experience with another network marketing company, so only wanted the products for weight loss. Krystal was very understanding and made sure I reached my weight-loss goals.”

With the support of her husband, Chris, Maddy was feeling better than ever and it wasn’t long before Chris wanted to get involved. “I jumped onboard and began using the products shortly after Maddy,” shares Chris. “I had been feeling off and wanted to improve my energy levels. But I always had it in the back of my mind that this was nothing more than a health solution – we were wary of being burned again.”

Trusting Krystal’s leadership, Maddy learned You Share, They Share, Repeat as a way to help earn enough money to support her buying the products she now loved. “Being a family and having two young kids to support meant that any extra money helped,” she says. “I began sharing with my friends and family and it was such a thrill to see them transform into confident, healthy, happy people. I really loved helping people reach their true potential and that’s when everything changed for me. I was no longer afraid to get more involved with Isagenix and build a business.”

Now 3 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executives, Maddy and Chris are taking the world by storm, working their Isagenix business in the pockets of their limited spare time. “Maddy still works part-time and I work full-time,” says Chris. “Our plates are full but that doesn’t stop us. Maddy is up late every night building our Isagenix business and we have dreams of doing this full-time together. It’s our passion that truly drives us.”

Along with START 1000, the pair have earned numerous accolades, including earning themselves a trip to IsaDerby Borneo, a place dear to Maddy’s heart. “My roots are in Borneo, so being able to earn a spot to IsaDerby and participate in the amazing activities and training meant so much to me,” she beams. “We love to travel and now we have so many more opportunities to do that.”

With their goals set, it seems nothing will deter this couple from achieving their dreams with START. “START symbolises empowerment, self-belief, self-love and family,” says Maddy. “We’re your average, suburban parents from Canberra yet START allows us to be so much more than that. We’re redefining the definition of true success and our goal is to empower other families to realise and chase their dreams.”