With the sun shining and the flowers blossoming now is the perfect time to be out and about enjoying the best that nature has to offer. What if you could bring those incredible scents and feelings of the great outdoors into the comfort of your living room or bedroom? Now you can with our incredible Essence range of Isagenix® Essential Oils.

It’s always important to start your day off right. Try diffusing our Lemon essential oil to help with  early morning wake-ups, so you can catch the best of each day. The zesty freshness of Lemon will invigorate your senses and energise you for the day ahead.

If you’re searching for an afternoon pick-me-up, diffusing a few drops of Eucalyptus will awaken the senses. The crisp, fresh aroma will make you think twice about a snooze and instead may help you make a more active or social choice. If a busy afternoon with the kids is on the cards, it would be useful to have a DefenseShield™ blend on hand to diffuse in the car or at home.

One of the most sought-after solutions during summer is a quick fix or instant reprieve the scorching heat. This is when our versatile Peppermint oil has your back! Not only is Peppermint a delicious diffusing oil, but when applied topically behind the ears or on your neck is a quick and easy way to provide cooling relief.

Make the most of summer with the ease and support offered by Essence. Bring the best of science and nature into the comfort of your home or while you’re on the move with our easy to follow toolkit. Summer is an iconic time of year for Aussies and Kiwis so don’t miss a minute of the action by ordering your favourite summer scents through your Back Office or the IsaLife™ app.