Making Dreams a Reality with the 100 Pound Club

Before Isagenix, Andrew Stiver lacked confidence. A self-professed ‘couch-potato’, Andrew lived a sedentary lifestyle, resulting in health struggles that impacted significantly on his physical and mental wellbeing. Weighing in at 138 kgs, Andrew knew he needed to make a change. Discover how Andrew transformed his life and gained entry to the 100 Pound Club. Continue reading →

100 Pound Club Couple Discover a New Lifestyle with Isagenix

Claudia and Ian Silk had struggled with their weight for years, trying countless programs and diets in an attempt to reach their desired health goals. Frustrated with their results, they were on a mission to alter their lifestyle and achieve long-term health. Follow the inspiring 100 Pound Club couple on their journey to health and wellness. Continue reading →