Congratulations to Isagenix Millionaires No. 116!!!


Accepting Isagenix

Prior to Isagenix, Jen had a few post-baby kilos she couldn’t shake. “I’d resigned myself to the fact that so do most mums and it was just how things were.”

Friends from Canada offered a solution to help Jen lose those last stubborn kilos and improve her energy levels.

“Our wonderful friends David and Sarah introduced us to Isagenix. It took eight emails over an 18-month period for us to finally say ‘yes!’ We trusted them and their expertise in the health and fitness industry—if they were willing to recommend it, then we were willing to give it a try.” Jen and Jono started their journey in October of 2011.


Key Image 5Long-Awaited Success

Once they’d tried the products, Jen and Jono were hooked. Jono, a former personal trainer at the time, improved his energy and performance while dropping weight and increasing lean muscle.

Jen recalls, “On day 13 after our second set of double Cleanse Days I woke at 5am with eyes wide open, had limitless energy and laser mental focus all day long and powered through until 11 pm.” She hasn’t needed a midday nap since.


Starting a Business, Accidentally

Jen and Jono both loved the Isagenix products and wanted to share them with others, but they didn’t have any experience with network marketing, Jen says, “We weren’t engaged in the business and certainly weren’t going to tell anyone we were involved with a network marketing company.”

Resized Jen Jono balcony

That all changed when the couple attended Celebration, an annual Isagenix conference held in the U.S. They’d won a trip through a business building contest, even though they didn’t know what the contest was and weren’t trying to build a business. That event changed everything.

Resized Jen Jono balcony-5“We saw what network marketing really was. We learned about Isagenix and saw the integrity and quality of the company and its leaders,” Jen recalls. “We fell in love with Isagenix and, though we still had a lot to learn, we knew this was right for us.”

Making a Big Impact

Once Jen and Jono realised what they could do with Isagenix, they set out “to empower as many people as possible to dream big dreams and live them,” says Jen. And, for them, Isagenix is the perfect vehicle. Our newest Isagenix Millionaires, Jen and Jono are 11-Star Platinum Circle, 11-Star Crystal Executives who are among the top leaders in the Australia and New Zealand market.

“We still choose to have full days, but we get to choose how to spend our time,” says Jen. Now they’re both available to parent their four-year-old Isaac and 13-month-old Maya.



She continues, “We can work out together, we walk the dog together and we travel the world together.” Even Maya is an accomplished international traveller!

Jen and Jono love the freedom they’ve found with Isagenix. “We can help others when they are in need,” shares Jen. “We can give to all of our chosen charities and we feel like we are really making a difference in the world. We are doing all the things that we said we would do ‘one day.’”

She concludes, “Now, ‘one day’ is today—and every day.”