Why is Isagenix launching a new Customer initiative?

Our motto is, ‘If it’s not right for the Customers, it’s not right for the company’, and we are confident this initiative will improve the Customer experience. This initiative is key to accomplishing our 2020 strategic goals and will help Isagenix Independent Associates reach more Customers and serve them better with the current shopping trends and behaviours.

This initiative simplifies our Customer types to Preferred Customer and Retail Customer.

What’s the difference between a Preferred Customer, a Retail Customer, and an Independent Associate?

An Isagenix Preferred Customer is someone who wants to enjoy products at reduced prices by establishing a Preferred Customer account. Preferred Customers may not resell products or participate in the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan but do have a position in the Isagenix genealogy tree and can track their orders and compensate their support team.

A Retail Customer is someone who purchases products at the suggested retail price from Isagenix.com, an Independent Associate’s replicated website, or any other sales channels approved by Isagenix. They can also purchase from an Associate in person. Isagenix pays a retail direct profit to the Associate when a purchase is made on their replicated website. Retail Customers do not establish or maintain an account or have a position in the Isagenix genealogy tree.

An Isagenix Independent Associate has the same benefits of an Isagenix Preferred Customer as well as the ability to earn commissions through the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan, a designated Back Office, access to promotions and incentives, and more. To become an Associate, Preferred Customers simply log in to their account, indicate their interest in becoming an Associate, and follow the steps provided to confirm they meet the eligibility requirements to become an Associate as indicated in the terms and conditions of the Isagenix Independent Associate Application and Agreement. Associates also pay an applicable annual membership fee that varies per market, but which is currently $25 in Australia and New Zealand.

What are the highlights of this new initiative?

  1. No more membership fee! Preferred Customers will enjoy products at wholesale costs without paying an annual membership fee. They’ll continue to receive 25% off retail pricing, and if they choose to sign up for Autoship, additional savings on those orders. Now it’s easier than ever for people to share Isagenix and enjoy products!
  2. Streamlined membership types. Prior to this initiative, Isagenix offered two membership types: Customers and Preferred Customers. All current Customers will automatically be upgraded to Preferred Customers at no cost and enjoy 25% off retail pricing. We are keeping it simple in 2020 with two Customer types: Retail Customer and Preferred Customer.
  3. Improved business-building opportunities. Associates will receive exclusive access to a new Isagenix Business mobile app featuring easy ways to share Isagenix with additional tools, learning modules, and more! Access to the new mobile app is coming soon for Australia and New Zealand, so stay tuned.

How does this initiative impact annual membership fees?

By removing the membership fee, we took away the barrier that may have previously discouraged people from joining Isagenix and creating an account. There is also no fee to renew an account as a Preferred Customer. Additional tools and programs are available for those who elect to share Isagenix and become an Associate. Associates pay an applicable annual fee that varies per market for access to business tools, learning modules, and more.

Does the $25 membership fee discount still apply if someone enrols in Isagenix with a 30-Day Weight Loss System or Weight Loss Premium Pack?

Yes, so long as someone converts to an Associate within 30 days, the $25 membership fee discount still applies if someone enrols in Isagenix with a 30-Day Weight Loss System or Weight Loss Premium Pack.

What happens if I currently have an Isagenix Customer account and not a Preferred Customer account?

On 25 January, your account will automatically be upgraded, and you will become a Preferred Customer at no cost. You will now receive 25% off retail.


Preferred Customer


$0 25% off retail
Retail Customer N/A Retail pricing


How will this new Customer initiative impact my business?

It’s now easier than ever to share Isagenix with Preferred Customers who simply want to try products because we removed the membership fee barrier. We have heard feedback, and this will help tremendously with Customer reach and acquisition for Associates. For example, if someone only wants to try a few samples of a product, they can pay for the product without a membership fee and also access the IsaLife™ app to easily reorder!

Will the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan be affected?

No. There are no changes to the Compensation Plan.

Is Isagenix moving toward a business-to-consumer model?

No. We believe this new initiative makes it easier than ever for Associates to share products with Preferred Customers!

Is the implementation of this new Customer initiative a result of any recent changes at other direct selling companies?

No. This change occurred because we are aware that consumers are shopping differently. We wanted to better meet the needs and expectations of our Preferred Customers.

If there is no longer a membership fee required for Preferred Customers and their accounts are set to auto renew, how does someone terminate their Isagenix account?

All accounts will automatically close if a purchase isn’t made within 12 months. However, those who wish to terminate their account sooner can contact our Customer Care team at (AU) 1-300-651-979 or (NZ) 0800-451-291 for assistance.