If you were at Celebration last month in Brisbane, you’d have heard all about the new and exciting changes coming to Isagenix®. Our new and improved website was launched last week with our Customer First initiative key to the change. We know how much you love the changes we’ve rolled out but it doesn’t end there! We’re excited to announce our new, improved and revamped packs, available now in your Back Office.

So, what’s new?

In line with our new Customer First focus and our goal to enhance customer experience, we want to ensure you have a multitude of pack options available to suit the needs of all your customers. In order to achieve this, we have split the Energy and Performance solution into two separate categories.

This means the solutions now are:
– Weight Loss
– Energy
– Performance
– Healthy Ageing
– Wealth Creation

That’s not even the best news! At Isagenix, we love to offer value for money which is why we now have a wide range of packs available for each solution. Not only do the different packs take the guesswork out of reaching nutritional goals, they also offer the best value. We’re very excited to share that we have designed four packs equivalent to the President’s Pak, now called Premium Packs and these are specific to each individual solution. Additionally to that, we are introducing four 30-Day Solution Systems. Excited? Here’s a list of the key packs available:

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Premium Pack (previously President’s Pak)anz_weight-loss-premium-pack_525x350px_24-3-17





30-Day Weight Loss System (previously 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program)anz_30-day-weight-loss-system_525x350px_24-3-17






Energy Premium Pack (new pack)anz_energy-premium-pack_525x350px_24-3-17





30-Day Energy System (new pack)anz_30-day_energy-system_525x350px_24-3-17






Performance Premium Pack (new pack)anz_performance-premium_525x350px_24-3-17





30-Day Performance System (new pack)anz_30-day-performance-system_525x350px_24-3-17





Healthy Ageing

Healthy Ageing Premium Pack (new pack)anz_healthy-ageing-premium-pack_525x350px_24-3-17





30-Day Healthy Ageing System (new pack)anz_30-day-healthy-ageing-system_525x350px_24-3-17





Wealth Creation

Ultimate Pack (new pack)





Along with creating new packs, we have also renamed a few of the old favourites, making them even easier to remember. Now the value will be front and centre, highlighting the many benefits of each one. Here’s a list of all the renamed packs:

Weight Loss Premium Pack (previously President’s Pak)
30-Day Weight Loss System (previously 30-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program)
Healthy Maintenance System (previously Healthy Maintenance Program)
9-Day Nutritional Cleansing System (previously 9-Day Nutritional Cleansing Program)
Shake and Cleanse Pack (previously Shake and Cleanse Pak)
Kosher Premium Pack (previously Kosher President’s Pak – AU only)
Kosher Cleanse Pack (previously Kosher Autoship Pak – AU only)
IsaGenesis 3 Pack (previously IsaGenesis 3ct)
IsaGenesis Starter Pack (previously IsaGenesis Starter Pak)
IsaGenesis Premium Pack (previously IsaGenesis President’s Pak)
Sample Pack (previously Sample Pak) 

These changes mean better customer experiences and an easier to understand system. In line with this, we will be removing some of the old packs as they have been replaced by these new and improved ones. Old packs will be discontinued on Wednesday 19 April.

We are so excited about these changes as our main aim is to further enhance you and your customers’ experience and ensure everyone is receiving the best value for money with ultimate nutritional support. Check out the price list of all the new packs here and learn more about each pack and how they can help propel your business at www.Isagenix.com.