What price would you put on shaving your head? In the case of Isagenix® 100 Pound Club member Laura Strickland-Clark, seeing a smile on a young child facing adversity is more than enough.  

You often see people making a pledge to help support a cause close their heart. For Laura, a single marathon, walkathon or fun run wasn’t enough. During Make-A-Wish month Laura has committed to swim 200 lengths, cycle 50 kolimetres, remain silent for an entire day and most importantly, shave her head! 

Laura had thought about shaving her head for years. When she heard about Make-A-Wish month all the stars aligned and she decided to finally take the plunge. With a passion for contribution, Laura saw it as an opportunity to make it part of something bigger.  

After taking part in the Wish Workshop at ANZ Celebration 2019, Laura knew that she wanted to partner with Make-A-Wish especially having worked with kids for ten years and with ambitions to become a midwife 

I’m really passionate about children’s welfare and education,” says Laura. “I think the work that Make-A-Wish do is phenomenal. Their service is unparalleled, and it just makes sense to do as much as I can for them while I could. 

Contribution and giving back has always been at the forefront of Laura’s mind, donating $10 to Make-A-Wish with her Isagenix Autoship every month along a host of other notable charitable acts. 

“I’ve done some work with cancer research in the past,” says Laura. “But my biggest contribution was helping build huts and distribute food in Calais during the refugee crisis.” 

Not only will Laura raise funds to help make wishes of seriously ill children come true, but she’ll also be donating her hair to Little Princess to create wigs for children going through chemotherapy or have alopecia. 

“Because my hair is long and it’s so hot in Australia there’s definitely a little girl out there that wants it more than me,” she says. 

Even though Laura is determined to see this through, she did admit to having second thoughts about the decision.  

“I’ve had a couple of days where I’ve woken up and thought ‘Oh my god, what am I doing?’” she says. “But when it comes down to it I don’t regret it and I will never back out!” 

One of the biggest things that led Laura to Isagenix is the amazing community and she hopes that they’ll dig deep to help reach our goal of $50,000 to make five incredible wishes come to life.  

If you’d like to make a contribution, head over to makeawish.org.au/Isagenix or purchase specially marked products from our limited-edition #MonthOfMum Catalogue available through your Back Office or IsaLife™ app