Prior to registering for the IsaBody Challenge®, Lachlan was an Isagenix® product-user who had achieved great success using the Isagenix system. An advocate for the Isagenix products and eager to share them with the world, Lachlan began sharing his passion for the products and his new lifestyle.

Focusing on other people’s goals, Lachlan found he was putting his health second to others. “I was loving changing the lives of others but I was so focused on work I had let my nutrition and exercise regime slip,” admits Lachlan. “I had gained excess weight and was focusing so much on one thing only. My mental and physical health had always been my priority and I didn’t recognise the person I’d become.”

In an attempt to introduce balance back into his life, Lachlan registered for the IsaBody Challenge. While releasing excess weight, Lachlan was able to gain control of his health again by focusing on his nutrition and workouts. “During the Challenge, I learnt to prioritise my health goals again,” shares Lachlan. “Often, we focus our energy so much on helping other people that we can lose touch with ourselves in the process. That’s where I was at. I learnt that I couldn’t keep helping others if I wasn’t helping myself first.”

Now feeling better than ever, Lachlan has built more structure in his life allowing him time for both the gym, work and relaxation. “Taking the time daily to enjoy having great nutrition, cleansing weekly and training towards something really lights me up,” shares Lachlan. “I am now able to wake up and stay focused on my goals knowing that I can balance health with business and my lifestyle.”

“The IsaBody Challenge encourages you to asses all aspects of your life in order to achieve the most positive results. During my Challenge, I became so much leaner and I reignited my passion for exercise and nutrition. Even better, I’ve been able to keep track of my progress to use as a benchmark for my next IsaBody Challenge!”