Team Isagenix Athlete and Olympian Finds Her Path with Isagenix

Team Isagenix Athlete and Olympian, Danielle Kettlewell, has achieved boundless success in her sport over the years. You’d be fooled in believing it was a straight and narrow path to success for Danielle but her journey to Olympian was actually a bumpy ride, filled with doubts and setbacks. See how Danielle reignited her passion and found her path with the help of Isagenix. Continue reading →

Product Focus: AMPED Recover

If you’re a professional athlete or just love pushing your body to the limits with exercise, you’ll know the all-familiar feeling of fatigue and soreness in your muscles the day after training. If this is you, AMPED recover is the product for you! A post-workout drink containing branched-chain amino acids, AMPED Recover is designed to support muscles and aid recovery. Continue reading →

100 Pound Club Member Puts Her Health First and Discovers a New Way of Life

Lisa Hunter, a dedicated mother of three, has spent years putting others first. After losing her mother to cancer some years ago, Lisa chose to focus all her energy on her husband and children, often forgetting to take care of herself. It wasn’t long before Lisa no longer recognised the woman staring back at her in the mirror. Find out how Lisa took control of her health and turned her life around. Continue reading →