The Science Behind AMPED

With our Performance range, your intentions are clear, your goals are set and you're ready to put in the work. Backed by the science of nutrient timing, the AMPED line was expertly designed to support [...]

September 26th, 2020|

AMPED Post-Workout FAQs

What is AMPED Post-Workout? AMPED™ Post-Workout is a post-workout supplement formulated with a combination of natural ingredients including tart cherry, curcumin, astaxanthin and collagen peptides that work to promote recovery from strenuous exercise. What makes [...]

September 26th, 2020|

IsaKids™ Super Smoothie FAQs

If you have a young family, then you know how excited kids are to have a sip of your IsaLean™️ Shake! Now that kids can have their own super smoothies thanks to IsaKids™️, you might have some questions about how awesome they really are.

April 2nd, 2020|
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