Sometimes, fun in the sun (or water) creates the best, unexpected, calorie-burning workout. When you choose exercises you enjoy, you can focus more on the fun and less on the work. Go ahead and sweat it out with these summer workout ideas!

Beach Sport

Is there anything more Aussie than a game of beach cricket or having a kick around with a footy? Beach sport is an absolute classic! After all the jumping, diving, catching and throwing it begins to be a fun yet tough workout. Why not your competitive nature sign and gather some friends for a friendly match?

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  • Be sure to stay hydrated while you’re working up a sweat during each match.

Scuba Diving

Who knew, scuba diving could burn some serious calories?! The nation that hosts the Great Barrier Reef is bound to have plenty more exotic and breathtaking spots to scuba dive. Channel your inner adventurer and burn calories while touring the deep dark blue.

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  • Take it all in and destress in the beauty of the ocean.


Too nervous to try scuba diving? Not to worry, snorkelling is the next best thing and you still burn calories.

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  • This is a great product to take with you on a boat or to the beach! Be sure to rehydrate during snorkelling breaks. The hot sun on your back and the salty water can make you extra thirsty.

Stand-Up Paddle boarding

Explore the sights and give your abs a workout they’ll never forget.

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  • Enjoy this post-workout drink to support muscle recovery – because your arms WILL be sore!

Running…on the Beach

Some people love running and some people hate it – BUT at least if you’re running on a beautiful beach, it’s more bearable and easier on your joints.

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  • Add a scoop (or two!) of this refreshing drink powder to your water bottle before you hit the beach. Quench your thirst and stay refreshed before, during and after your run.


Kiwis can channel their inner America’s Cup triumph from 2017 and get a fantastic workout from sailing. If you’re in the mood for a fancy workout? Why not give sailing a crack!

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  • There’s nothing like a smooth-tasting, slow-roasted cup of coffee first thing in the morning to get your mind and body ready for a day out on the ocean.

Water Skiing and Wakeboarding

Arms, legs, stomach and everything in between, skiing on the water offers some serious resistance training (even if you’re not able to stand up).

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  • Prime your muscles for an intense strength workout with an added energy boost.


Not for the faint of heart, kitesurfing clocks in some serious speed, height and calorie burn. Plus, it’s just downright cool.

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  • Enjoy this pre-workout shot to help increase blood flow and oxygen delivery to your cells and get ready to enjoy some serious airtime.


Hello, arms! Paddling out on some huge (or small) waves gives your arms a stellar workout. Plus, that whole pop-up-to-your-feet thing? Yah, your abs will thank you for it.

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  • Pack a few in your beach bag and enjoy one before your surf session. IsaLean Bars make a convenient snack in between sets with 18 g of protein to keep you satisfied.


This is a fun one to do with a partner.

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  • Enjoy this mid-workout drink to help sustain endurance during extended activity.


We couldn’t make a summer workout list without including the most obvious choice. Swimming is a great muscle and cardio exercise that won’t put much strain on your body.

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  • Up your energy, strength and focus to aid you in your repetitive laps.

That sums up our list of awesome summer workout ideas! Enjoy, stay hydrated and don’t forget to top off your day with the Bedtime Belly Buster!