Here’s a scenario that might resonate with you: You eat all the right food, do all the right workouts and follow all the right nutrition plans, but you still don’t see the results you want. Before you give up on your plan, check out these five common reasons for hindered weight loss.

Neglecting Gut Health

We’re so focused on calories and food labels these days that it’s easy to forget what’s going on inside our bodies. If you need a little assistance maintaining healthy digestive function, give IsaFlush™ a go. With magnesium to assist in relaxing intestinal muscles and a blend of herbs traiditionally used for cleansing, IsaFlush helps promote digestive regularity and comfort without the use of laxatives or stimulants.

Not Drinking Enough Water

Is there anything simpler than drinking enough water? We all know we should do it, but so many of us don’t make it a priority throughout the day. Staying hydrated helps your body function at its best, boosting your energy levels, giving you focus and maximising your workouts. How much water is enough? It’s recommended that adult males consume 2.6 L of water each day and 2.1 L a day for females. Even your body’s ability to lose weight can improve when you drink more water. Use that as a reminder to get up and fill your water bottle!

Overeating Nutritious Snacks

Almonds are a fantastic snack. They’re packed with fibre, protein and good fats, but if you eat enough of them, you can completely undo your day’s worth of weight-loss work. That’s right, it’s possible to overindulge in healthy snacks and get too much of a good thing. Foods like almonds, avocados and Greek yoghurt all have their limits. Make sure you check the nutrition facts on each food you eat to see if it’s within your calorie and macro goals for the day.

Blindly Trusting Low-Fat Labels

Speaking of nutrition labels, ‘low-fat’ is a popular claim that can be deceptive and even impede weight loss. For example, low-fat food items are often packed with refined sugar to compensate for taste. There are all sorts of reasons not to trust low-fat labels blindly, but at the very least, dig a little deeper when learning about your food. And remember, good fats are actually essential to a healthy, balanced diet, so opting for ‘low-fat’ isn’t always the healthiest choice.

Sitting All Day

OK — so you’re on top of your gut function, drinking plenty of water, keeping portions under control and reading labels carefully. Still not meeting your goals? Sitting in an office chair all day could be the problem. See if your employer offers a standing desk option. Get in the habit of taking a short break every hour to fill up your water bottle or go for a brief walk at lunchtime to get the blood flowing and help maintain your metabolism.

These five tips will help you avoid some of the most common weight loss pitfalls. If you’d like to do even more, try one of our Isagenix® Weight Loss Packs — they’re a fantastic way to kick-start Results You Can’t Get Anywhere Else™. You can shop for Weight Loss Packs on the IsaLife™ app or through your Back Office.