For Jason Galvin there’s nothing more important than being a healthy role model for his two girls. Jason had participated in the IsaBody Challenge® four times over the last three years to lead the way for his Isagenix® team and to show them how to start, complete and repeat but this time he felt the urge to see how his 52-year-old body would respond when he pushed his exercise and gym sessions to the limit.

“I made a decision that now was the time to chase the health dreams I always wanted to,” says Jason. “I am so proud of my physical transformation, but what I love most is that my energy has improved dramatically and my love for health has brought our family even closer together.”

“We’ve always been a beach going family but that’s pretty much all we ever did because we were time poor, stressed and didn’t really have the energy to do anything else,” he says. “My two little girls love exercising with me and are always egging me on to do all sorts of exercises and activities that keep all of us active.”

“As a family we scooter, mountain climb, hike, swim and the girls have even created an exercise routine using the trampoline and swing set! They have just taken up gymnastics and plan to start boxing together as well,” Jason says. “My nine-year-old daughter Charlotte recently found a 20-minute high-intensity interval training session on YouTube and insisted we include it into our daily routine and boy does it make me sweat.”

One of the biggest differences the devoted father has found in his kids is the way they understand and talk about nutrition and exercise. “They are proud and have a confident posture when speaking to others around them about health and fitness,” he says. “My experience of the IsaBody Challenge has really shown them the connection between health, nutrition, exercise, family and fun which has made us a much happier and healthier family than ever before.”

“My advice to current and future Challengers is to be consistent with your actions, no matter how big or small they are!” says Jason. “That will make sure you use your 30-Day Weight Loss System and AMPED™ range at the right times.”

“But I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to plug into the IsaBody Challenge ANZ support group on Facebook!” says the 2017 IsaBody Challenge finalist. “The incredible support network on this page is second to none and lifts people up, cheering them on to achieve their goals. I can’t wait to see what my next Challenge brings and I know I have over 8,000 IsaBody Challenge participants encouraging me, just like I’m encouraging them!”