An integral part of the Isagenix System, Cleanse Days (a form of intermittent fasting) are your secret weapon on your health and wellness journey. While we provide you with all the tools you need to breeze through your Cleanse Day, there’s a particular fan favourite that certainly deserves all the hype it gets and that’s e+.

Your new go-to

Sometimes, we feel like we’re running on empty. Grabbing a coffee or energy drink is a common way to replenish energy levels – the problem is, the energy provided by these products is only short-lived and leaves you crashing shortly after. Consider swapping out coffee or energy drinks for an e+.

Not only does e+ leave you feeling energised, it also helps to improve your mental and physical performance, enhances focus and allows you to stay alert and think clearly. Formulated with adaptogens and plant-based caffeine, it’s the healthy and safe way to provide the ‘get up and go’ you need on a day-to-day basis.

Whether you take e+ to get you pumped up before a workout, to fight three thirty-itis or to give you a burst of energy during your Cleanse Day, e+ is guaranteed to be your best friend no matter what your day looks like.

Learn more about everyone’s favourite energy shot here and don’t forget to add some to your next Autoship through the IsaLife™ app if you’re running low!