Mary Stewart and Danny Kruger are no strangers to hard work. An active couple who trained competitively in Muay Thai and Half Ironman Triathlons, finding balance between their work life, personal life and training was challenging. They were forever on the hunt for balance.

Eager to further themselves professionally and physically, they continued to work hard but were disappointed; things never seemed to get better. “We worked hard and trained hard but still things were out of balance,” shares Mary. “We didn’t feel we were reaping the reward for our time investment in our careers and it was frustrating.”

On the lookout for a solution, Mary was introduced to Isagenix® through a friend and took an interest right away. “Danny was sceptical but I trusted my friend and had watched her blossom into an incredible health ambassador,” says Mary. “Money was tight at the time, so Danny was reluctant to make the investment in the products but I was so passionate about trying the program that I managed to convince him!”

Leveraging their passion for health and wellness through Isagenix, the pair have been able to not only improve their own health but have also helped improve the health of hundreds of others. “We loved the products almost instantly and sharing them seemed only natural,” explains Mary. “As our Isagenix business began to grow, we made the decision to shift all our focus to sharing Isagenix full-time and left our corporate careers behind.”

Aligning with the START movement, Mary and Danny have risen to the rank of 4 Star Golden Circle, 2 Star Executive and they have no plans on slowing down. “Not only have we been able to finally find balance in our lives, we’ve also been able to start a family and be full-time parents to our 6-month-old daughter, Sloan,” says Mary. “We can work our lives around her, we can give back more and travel more. We are planning on spending six months of the year in Danny’s hometown of the Netherlands which is something we never could’ve done without Isagenix. The START movement has allowed us to achieve everything we have craved and we are so proud to be START Ambassadors and share the incredible vision with the world.”