How much are you loving our Essence by Isagenix® Essential Oils? If you haven’t already enjoyed the pleasure of diffusing our range of singles and blends, then you’re missing out. However, if you’re still unsure of the best way to incorporate Essence into your health and wellness journey, don’t stress! All your questions and concerns are answered in our essential oils toolkit, which will make sure you can enjoy today’s blend in focus – DefenseShield™.

DefenseShield is the powerful blend of lemon, frankincense, eucalyptus, rosemary, clove and cinnamon bark. This delightful combination creates the perfect sense of purity and energy when diffused with the Isagenix Cool Mist Diffuser. If you want all these magnificent benefits on the go, just simply apply a drop to your collar, it’s that simple. Just when you thought this blend couldn’t get any better, add a few drops into a spray bottle with water and you now have a new surface cleaner!

We’ve said this from the start, Essence makes essential oils – honest and simple. The DefenseShield blend is hands down the simplest and easiest way to refresh and uplift your health and wellness journey. Isagenix Essential Oils doesn’t mean you need to restart your journey, it’s simply adding that extra element to help you achieve the transformation you’re after.

To try DefenseShield or any of our other singles or blends, head over to your Back Office or IsaLife™ app and add them to your next order.