IsaDelight™ chocolates are carefully crafted to ensure outstanding quality and exceptional flavour. A tremendous amount of preparation goes into each part of the five-step process, from sourcing the raw cocoa beans to producing each flawless chocolate square.

Step 1: Choosing the Finest Cocoa Beans

Isagenix® sources only top-quality cocoa beans, which are hand-picked by certified cocoa graders. Our cocoa is grown on small family farms and harvested at peak ripeness. Allowing the cocoa pods to ripen fully before harvest boosts the concentration of the natural compounds that help create the characteristic chocolate flavour you might crave on a Cleanse. After harvest, the cocoa beans are scooped from the cocoa pods and prepared using the traditional methods below.

Step 2: Gently Processing the Beans

Our cocoa beans are processed using temperature-controlled methods to ensure a smooth texture and rich flavour, while carefully protecting the cocoa’s delicate natural compounds. The inner part of the cocoa bean – called the cocoa nib – is roasted under a controlled temperature to release its deep chocolate flavour and aroma. Roasted nibs are then finely ground. The warmth from the grinding process causes the cocoa butter in the nib to melt, which creates a liquid blend of melted cocoa butter and fine cocoa powder called cocoa liquor (which doesn’t contain any alcohol).

Step 3: Blending the Ingredients

During the final blending process, known as conching, the chocolate liquor is blended with additional cocoa butter, vanilla extract and other ingredients. Flavour ingredients like milk and natural sea salt are added to create Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt & Caramel Flavour IsaDelight. At this stage, a carefully formulated blend of nutrients, including green tea extract, amino acids and select vitamins and minerals, is combined with the chocolate mixture, enhancing the natural benefits of chocolate.

Step 4: Tempering the Chocolate

Every step in creating IsaDelight chocolates involves precise temperature control to protect the delicate natural compounds in cocoa, but temperature is most critical during tempering. At this stage, our chocolate mixture is melted at a mild 23 degrees Celsius under carefully controlled conditions. This helps to create the smooth, glossy appearance and a satisfying snap when you take a bite.

Step 5: Pouring and Hardening the Squares

The warm chocolate mixture travels through a short, insulated pipe and is poured into a pre-warmed mould to form the familiar IsaDelight square, before it’s quickly cooled to set the shape. A firm tap releases the chocolate delicacies from the mould and as part of our no-compromise commitment to quality, each and every square is quality tested. Then they’re individually wrapped so they’re fresh and ready to be your Cleanse Day treat!

IsaDelight chocolates are rich, decadent treats you can enjoy without the guilt! From bean to being, our thorough process ensures these nutrient-rich chocolates not only taste delicious but satisfy cravings.