The New Year is always a great time to start a transformation. If you achieved great results in 2018 and you’ve set bigger and better goals for this year, you may need to consider adjusting your routine, because the same routine will likely only offer the same results. Lifestyle changes might seem easy in the first week – or even month – of the New Year, but keeping your changes in check long-term is a whole other challenge. With a little extra focus and motivation from the Isagenix® community, your healthy habits will quickly become the new ‘normal’.

If you’re worried about falling from your healthy wagon, here are some tips to help you stay the course to your goals.

Smaller is better

Whether it’s an iced chocolate or a slice of homemade cake, the first bite is always the best. Don’t waste calories on a huge portion! If you choose to indulge, savour the flavour without giving yourself a licence to gorge.

Watch what you drink

Soft drinks, sweetened iced teas and cold coffee beverages hide their calories well; they don’t fill you up, so you feel like they ‘don’t count’. Replace these options with an IsaLean™ Shake or mix some AMPED™ Hydrate or Cleanse for Life™ with water instead. You’ll find the taste just as sweet, and the guilt-free feeling even sweeter.

Drink Lots of Water

Staying hydrated is key! This is especially important during our scorching summers when temperatures can hit 40°C. It’ll also help you curb false hunger pangs that can trick you into thinking you’re hungry, when you’re actually just craving H2O.

Practice good manners

Whether at home, at a restaurant or at a party, good table manners can protect your waistline! Cut only one bite at a time. Put your fork (or spoon) down between every bite and swallow before you talk. You’ll be able to better engage in conversation and your tummy will have time to figure out when it’s full.

Keep moving

Getting out and moving your body is a great way to clear your mind and relax. The endorphins released help to manage stresses in your life that may steer you towards unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Don’t tempt yourself

Bread baskets, bowls of chips or trays of brownies around the kitchen and dining areas will only encourage poor nutritional choices that you’ll quickly regret. Replace mindless eating with purposeful planning! If you know your day is filled with social engagements, plan your meals and make sure you have your shake before you leave the house. Too busy to whip out the IsaBlender™? Throw an IsaLean™ Bar in your bag for an easy on-the-go snack.

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