Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick

If you’re ready for 2018 to be the Year of You, you’ve probably already made some exciting New Year’s resolutions. Get ready to rock that resolution and make 2018 your year in four easy steps.

Identify your ‘why’
If, for example, your resolution is ‘lose weight’, ask yourself why that’s your goal. If the answer is ‘just because’ or ‘I don’t know’ then your odds of success are slim to none. Compare that with a goal of ‘lose weight, so I can enjoy playing with my kids at the playground’. It’s easy to see which ‘why’ will get you out of bed and to the gym.

Put a positive spin on it
Phrase your goals with what you want to happen, rather than what you want to avoid. So, if your goal is to eat less junk food, you can resolve to ‘eat whole foods’ instead of ‘skip junk food’ or ‘exercise more’ instead of ‘don’t be a couch potato’.

Make it clear and achievable
How will you know if you’ve met your goal if you don’t know what it is? You’ve got your ‘why’ and you’ve decided to ‘get in better shape’. Now, take it one step further and make it a clear goal with measurable results. Once you’ve set your big goal, break it into achievable, mini goals. This way, it’s easier to tackle those seemingly impossible big goals. Plus, you’ll begin to develop the habits that will create long-term success.

Create a plan
How are you going to go about reaching your resolution? By hitting those mini goals! And how will you do that? With a plan. Schedule yourself for the activities that will help you reach your goal. Maybe it’s meal-prep Sundays, blocking out 30 minutes for workouts, or getting up earlier to eat a healthy breakfast and make your lunch. Identify those activities, schedule them and make them a priority. Why? Because you’ve got a goal and you’ve got a reason for it. If it’s a good enough reason, you’ll make the time.

And remember, life happens. Don’t let one setback ruin your year. You aren’t out of the game unless you quit!

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