After completing his first IsaBody Challenge® in 2014 and receiving great results, Tristan was motivated to #startcompleterepeat. Unfortunately, Tristan was forced to cancel two of his following IsaBody Challenges due to injuries, resulting in five operations since 2014.

Feeling defeated and unsatisfied, the physical setbacks began to take a toll on him. “I’ve always had my fitness to fall back on no matter what,” says Tristan. “This time, I didn’t have that. The thing I prided myself on was taken away from me and I was feeling pretty low.”

Giving up was not an option for Tristan, who went on to register for his fourth IsaBody Challenge. “I had doubts especially after having to cancel my two previous Challenges,” says Tristan. “I knew I needed to pull myself out of my slump and keep moving forward no matter what.”

Although his training ability was limited due to injuries and surgeries, Tristan powered through his Challenge. “This Challenge was more than just a 16-week transformation,” says Tristan. “It helped me to push my physical and mental boundaries no matter what was standing in my way. I’m in the best mental and physical shape of my life.”

As a father, Tristan draws much of his strength and inspiration from his three year old son, Rocko. “I wanted to do my son proud by not giving up,” says Tristan. “I wanted him to look at me and be proud of his dad and set a real example for him. I feel confident that I’ve achieved that.”

“The IsaBody Challenge has been the catalyst to me overcoming numerous mental and physical barriers,” says Tristan. “I’m driven to become the 2018 IsaBody Challenge Grand Prize Winner as a way to show my son, my friends, my team and everyone looking for inspiration exactly what is possible.”