After a back injury plagued her previous IsaBody Challenge® attempt, 2017 IsaBody Finalist Perri Tregellas was determined to look – and most importantly, feel – stronger and leaner.

“After a few weeks I realised that I’d been playing it safe with my training,” Perri says. “I was staying in my ‘safe zone’ where I wouldn’t get hurt, which was holding me back from the results I was looking for.”

“My mindset played a massive part in my IsaBody Challenge. ‘I AM STRONG, I AM POWERFUL’ became my mantra and I would chant this to myself over and over during a workout. I was amazed at the power it gave me! It felt like my workouts were so much easier even though I was lifting heavier weights and doing more reps.”

With a month remaining in her challenge, Perri started a six-week mindset program run by two Isagenix® leaders which had an even greater knock-on effect on her mindset. “It made me realise just how much I was disempowering myself at the gym by thinking ‘this is too hard’ or ‘I can’t do this’,” she explains. “I also became more grateful for the fact that I actually get to work out. It’s amazing how powerful your mind can be.”

While her new-found motivation helped her achieve unprecedented workout results, Perri decided to add the AMPED™ range to her routine. “Using AMPED to its full potential was a game changer!” she says. “I’d only ever dabbled with AMPED™ Nitro and AMPED™ NOx every now and then, but during this Challenge I really put it to the test and incorporated it into every session.”

“They’ve helped me squeeze out that extra rep or two despite lifting heavier weights. I went from not pushing my boundaries to setting regular personal bests in most of my sessions.”

“AMPED has really helped put my injuries behind me,” she adds. “Since I started mixing AMPED™ Recover with IsaPro™ straight after my weight sessions, I’m rarely sore and it’s so much easier backing it up the next day. Previously, it’d be days before I was ready to hit the gym again.”

Even at the top of her game, Perri admits that she still has the occasional dip in morale. “It’s so important to stay motivated, that’s why I love dropping into the IsaBody Challenge ANZ Facebook group to see the awesome results everyone is achieving,” she says. “There’s always a story you can relate to that will inspire you to get out and move your body.”

“I’m in my tenth challenge and training just as hard to be in my best shape for my wedding, which is this weekend!” she exclaims. “After that I intend to enjoy my three-week honeymoon in Europe by indulging in a bit France’s famous cheese and pastries, in between my IsaLean™ Shakes. They’ll be the first things packed in my suitcase!”