A dreamer with a passion for travel, Dimity Edwards knew she was destined for something different. After finishing high school, she moved to the UK and explored Europe as a way to expand her mind and seek the life she’d envisioned for herself. But after her travel visa expired, Dimity was forced to return home to Australia, feeling uncertain about the future laid out in front of her. “When I returned home all I heard from people was ‘you’ve had your fun, now it’s time to get back to reality’,” she reflects. “I knew there’d be something that’d be my vehicle for change, I just didn’t know what.”

Beginning her tertiary studies, Dimity found herself dissatisfied with not only her chosen degree but also her appearance. “I was in this place where I wasn’t happy with my physical appearance as I’d eaten my way through Europe for the past two years,” she shares. “I also wasn’t happy with the direction my life was taking – my teaching degree just highlighted to me how our view of education and success is so one dimensional. Everyone was telling me I had to put in the hard yards now to reach success and even then, that success could take years to achieve, if ever. It simply didn’t resonate with me.”

Working eight-hour shifts four nights a week in a pub whilst juggling her degree, Dimity soon realised her energy levels weren’t able to keep up with her busy schedule. “My desire to lose weight and my need to keep up my energy levels led me to Isagenix®,” she says. “I’d shared my concerns with a friend who was a product sharer and I trusted her recommendation.”

Using the Isagenix System, Dimity kickstarted her health and wellness journey, with her increase in energy allowing her productivity to increase. “I’ve always been quite fit, so seeing my body change when I gained weight was tough,” she says. “I also wanted help with my focus and energy – it was so incredible to see the shift in my mood, body and energy levels. My results excited me and I was keen to share with my friends.”

Learning more about the system, Dimity was drawn to the Isagenix community and began teaching herself the ins and outs of the Compensation Plan. “The idea that I could earn money simply by sharing the products truly excited me,” she says. “The more I learned the more passionate I became.”

Attending events as a way to help her learn more about growing her Isagenix business, Dimity felt right at home within the Isagenix community. “I set small goals, such as cutting down my hours at the pub and my hard work paid off,” she says. “I saw the vision and just ran with it. Within six months I was able to cut down my hours at the pub to just two nights a week instead of four. It gave me my life back and I loved showing people how they could do the same.”

Recently hitting the rank of Executive, Dimity’s vision to help young people change the direction of their lives serves as her motivation. “I get to spend more time with my family, catch up with friends I haven’t seen in years and simply connect more with people in my daily life,” she says. “I want that for others, too. It isn’t just about me anymore. When we leave school, we head straight into trying to become an adult but so many young people don’t even know where to start. It often leads to us losing our connection with each other. The START movement provides that connection and encourages us to work together to make change.”