Hitting the 100-pound milestone was just the beginning for Daniel McKay. Stronger, fitter and more determined than ever, the father and sports lover rediscovered his passion after deciding enough was enough. “It got to a point where I wasn’t spending time with my children or participating in sports which was my passion,” he shares. “I worked nights and didn’t have the energy for anything. I knew I needed to change but I wasn’t sure how.”

A newbie to anything health and wellness related, Daniel reached out to a friend who he’d seen sharing his weight-loss journey. “I committed to giving the Isagenix® System a try, it was all very new to me,” he shares. “But I knew I need to try something different to get the results I wanted.”

As a night shift worker, Daniel loved the convenience of the system and incorporated it seamlessly into his life. “It took away the need to prepare too much food in advance which saved me a lot of time,” he says. “Life gets so busy so it has been a real blessing to have the products on hand to keep me in check.”

Not one to rest on his laurels, Daniel is continuously stepping it up and creating more challenging goals with each day. “I’m working on building muscle so I’ve started incorporating the AMPED™ range into my diet as well as the IsaLean™ PRO shakes,” he says. “I’m back into running, I’m playing sports again and made the state indoor cricket team after not making it last year due to my weight. I even participated in a duathlon this year where I finished first in my age category! I’m following my passions again – the sky is the limit!