Sports Performance Tools to Grow Your Business

Since 2016, Isagenix® has been breaking into the competitive sports performance product marketplace. Through the AMPED™ product line, we have created the added benefit of giving you the opportunity to grow your Customer base in the sports performance market.

As we continue to make waves in this market, we’ve decided to have our Performance products Informed-Sport certified! These products are tested before release to market, thereby giving athletes and consumers’ confidence in their chosen product, for both training and competition.

Ready to Share But Not Sure How?

Even if you’re not yet very familiar with the Performance line, we want you to feel comfortable talking about it and share the big news about the world-class quality of our Informed-Sport certified products! As you begin building awareness of AMPED products and the Performance line, here are a few tools to help you.

Share the AMPED video

Pique the interest of your more athletic-minded contacts and inspire them to take another look at what Isagenix has to offer. Our Performance line and this high-energy video prove that we have even more to offer outside of Weight Loss Solutions.

Check out the video here.

Bookmark, Download and Share this Informed-Sport FAQ Flyer

Find and share answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Informed-Sport certification and why we chose this internationally recognised organisation with this helpful FAQ flyer.

Learn the Answers to the Frequently Asked Performance Line Questions

Get familiar with the foundational knowledge and most frequently asked questions about the Performance line at Should you take e+ with AMPED NOx or want to know the ideal time to take Ionix® Supreme? Find out on the website!

Access the Informed-Sport Website to Verify Your Batch (Lot) Number

As of 9 September 2017, all Australia and New Zealand Performance line products are officially Informed-Sport certified although a few of the product labels do not yet reflect the Informed-Sport seal. For additional peace of mind, now and in the future you are able to verify your product’s safety by visiting and matching the lot number on your product’s label with the batch number on their website.

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