When we said our goal was to have zero-waste packaging for our products by 2028, we meant it! We want to take you along our journey to reaching our goal. It’s bold, ambitious and certainly won’t be easy to attain. No doubt many of you said the same thing before starting your health transformation, but results show that with the right mindset you can achieve anything!

We’re excited to let you know that we’ve made our first big step towards this commitment!

For years, we’ve been shipping products and packs to hot and humid parts of Australia and New Zealand. As of February 2019, Isagenix® packs and products will be sent to these areas with new fully curbside recyclable insulated packaging. Made with 100 per cent recyclable Kraft paper along with other natural, non-petroleum-based materials that have harvest cycles under 10 years. Not only does it save your products from the scorching heat, but also the planet!

This is just the first step – and certainly not the last – on a long road towards becoming a zero-waste company, but it’s important that we celebrate every big, or little, win along the way.