Prime Time Member Proves Age Has No Boundaries

A labourer by trade, Andy’s work was demanding in many different areas, slowly taking its toll on his ageing body. Although he loved to exercise, the demands of work and family life in conjunction with a back injury resulted in him somewhat losing his way when it came to his health. See how this Prime Time member took back control of his health and proves on the daily that age is nothing more than a number. Continue reading →

START 1000 Member Sharing the Vision Worldwide

Moving away from her beloved hometown of New Zealand to seek a career path in Australia, Gabrielle Deane missed home. Although successful in her career, working 80 hour weeks left little time for Gabrielle to participate in her passions. Eager to get back to her roots and break out of the box she was in, Gabrielle pursued a career with Isagenix and is now changing lives and living life as her authentic self. Continue reading →

Gaining Health, Confidence and Happiness with the 100 Pound Club

For as long as Janelle Enlund can remember, taking control of her health had always been an area of struggle. Weighing over 100 kgs for the majority of her adult life, Janelle became accustomed to judgement from people around her, damaging her self-esteem and leaving the mother of two uninspired and unmotivated. Now part of the 100 Pound Club having released over 45 kgs, find out how this mother of two turned her health, and life, around with the help of Isagenix. Continue reading →

Regaining Vitality with the IsaBody Challenge

As a mother of two young children, Simone De Graaf leads a busy life. After living a relatively healthy and active lifestyle with little thought and concern about her health and weight, Simone soon began to notice a change in her body after her 35th birthday. “At the age of 35, something happened,” Simone shares. “I soon noticed I was gaining excess weight and my energy levels were dropping rapidly. I would come home from work and dread performing daily tasks such as cooking dinner and caring Continue reading →