Transformations take time. Whether you’re looking to better your physical health, improve your skills or learn something entirely new, it always helps to have other goals and targets to help you refocus and stay motivated throughout your journey.

While it’s great to have a 50,000-strong cheer squad behind you during your transformation in the IsaBody Challenge™ ANZ Facebook community, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have more than just one challenge going at a time!

We know it’s impossible to compete in two IsaBody Challenges at once (as much as we’d love to!). However, you could always find a challenge outside the world of Isagenix®. Not only is it a great way to meet new people, but it’s also an organic way to spread the word of Isagenix.

Here are a couple of ways you can check the progress of your transformation during your IsaBody Challenge:

Turn Your Run into Fun!

For some of us, running laps around the local park or on the treadmill can grow tiresome pretty quickly. Join the crowd in a local, metropolitan or country fun run. Training for an event alongside your Challenge can not only help you set smaller goals, but may help you measure success that doesn’t show up on the scales or tape measure.

For a Greater Cause

Having a go at another challenge doesn’t have to be about your health and wellness journey. There aren’t too many more rewarding feelings than getting out and raising awareness. Why not use your transformation to make an impact on someone else’s health and wellness journey?

Reverse Your Role

Turn the tables on your transformation and play the role of coach! Rather than being on the receiving end of helpful advice from your trainer and wellness coaches, take a friend under your wing, throw on your leadership cap and set an example for someone else. Helping to motivate someone else during their transformation might just spur you on to stay ahead of the curve. Or if they’re already motivated, you might find yourself trying to keep up!

Turning your attention away from your IsaBody Challenge doesn’t mean you’re taking your eye off the ball, in fact, it might just fuel your fire to reach even greater heights throughout your entire 16-week challenge.