Ready or not, the holidays are here! As you jingle all the way to the shops to purchase more lights for your tree, stay up late to assemble that 100-piece dollhouse or clutter your kitchen whipping up the perfect Christmas cake for your visitors, the last thing you have time to think about is growing your business.

But, here’s the thing: You don’t have to spend countless hours coming up with new ways to share Isagenix® because we do it all for you. So, put your feet up and settle in as we count down the top ten tools that will help you advance your business.

  1. Isagenix Business

In between delivering cookie trays to your child’s preschool and racing to the shops to pick out last-minute stocking stuffers, you may run into someone you know in the parking lot, strike up a conversation about Isagenix and need information on the fly. That’s why we created ANZ Isagenix Business, a comprehensive website that offers everything from training and fast facts to videos and toolkits. This is your full service for all things Isagenix, whether you need a quick refresher for your own business or want to provide information to a new prospect.

  1. Say, Share, Do

If you stayed up a little too late last night catching up with old friends (it happens to the best of us) and your brain seems a bit foggy, our Say, Share, Do scripts will take the guesswork out of how to quickly and easily talk about Isagenix. Whether you’re planning your very first social media post or want to talk to a new friend about Isagenix, our scripts are customisable to fit your lifestyle and help you feel more comfortable sharing Isagenix.

  1. Isagenix Business Facebook Group

When the line to see the big man in red is long, but you packed enough snacks to keep your kids happy for days, take those (rare) few minutes to turn to the Isagenix Business ANZ Facebook group.  There, you’ll find an open forum of 16,000 people who share the same passion for Isagenix. This Facebook group is intended to encourage, support and help you connect with others like you. It’s a safe place where you can ask questions, share tips and tricks and become inspired. Join now!

  1. Online Training Videos

Flying home for the holidays? As you wait in the busy airport terminal to board your flight, or when you’re cruising at 30,000 feet with a coffee in hand, go to ANZ Isagenix Business and review the most popular online training sessions. There, you’ll hear from top leaders who explain how to make authentic connections, communicate the Isagenix vision, discuss the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan and share top tips for success.

  1. Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil Toolkit

If you have a few things on your mind keeping you up at night, skim through and familiarise yourself with the benefits of our new Essence by Isagenix Essential Oil products. The Essence toolkit will help you learn about the features of these products so you can share them with Customers and new prospects and maximise your existing business. This tool will also help you better understand the types of oils we offer, what makes our oils different, the science behind them, best usage practices and more. Don’t miss out on our limited-edition blend: Soothing, the timeless aroma of orange, nutmeg and cinnamon. Although it’s not part of the toolkit, it is available to purchase and add to your collection in time for Christmas.

  1. Your Ideal Life Presentations

Decorating the house can be downright overwhelming, especially if you are trying to juggle work and family activities. But making time to focus on building your Isagenix business during the holidays can be worthwhile. Consider hosting a fun, festive Sip and Sample with your friends. Not only is it the perfect opportunity to try out our seasonal products, it’s also an awesome way to introduce people to Isagenix.

  1. Sharing on Social Media

If you’re not sure how to appropriately share Isagenix on social media, we can help! Social media is a valuable way to build new and existing relationships, grow your brand, build your team and it’s easier than ever before to provide the proof that Isagenix is truly transforming lives. You can always reach out to various Isagenix groups on social media for help, guidance and support.


For exercise tips, nutritional support, in-depth scientific research about your favourite products and the most incredible success stories going around take a look through (after you finish reading this of course). Isagenix takes a wholistic approach to health, which is why we create stories that help you understand the importance of every facet in a health and wellness journey to inspire you and your Customers to achieve their goals.

  1. IsaLife™ app

With so much going on over the Christmas period it’s tough to find a single minute to log into your computer to build your business. With the IsaLife app, you can elevate your business with ease by accessing all your tools on the go or while you’ve got your feet up watching some Christmas classics with the family. Enrol customers, track their goals and support them on their journey all from the one place. Almost sounds like a Christmas miracle!

  1. Seasonal Products

As Buddy the Elf says, ‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’. Another way to get in the holiday spirit is to purchase limited-edition products through our exclusive Seasonal Catalogue. This is your one-stop shop for giving the gift of Isagenix. And the best part? You can do it all online from your phone or digital device. Skip the long lines and crowded parking lots and shop from the comfort of your own home. But you’ll have to be quick because seasonal products don’t hang around for long!

And that ladies and gentlemen is everything you need to take your Isagenix business to the next level this season! Happy holidays!