At 2012 Celebration in Phoenix our Australian and New Zealand Associates were there to experience first hand the excitement of this incredible event.

Congratulations to all of our award winners who were recognised on stage at ‘Your Future Starts Today’ Celebration in Phoenix!

Leader of the Year Jennifer Jefferies

“We work with the most amazing company on the planet and the more we work together the more we all grow personally and in business. To be recognised for doing simply that was both exciting and also humbling at the same time.” Jennifer Jefferies

#54 Income Earner Irene & David Miller

#78 Income Earner Tom White

Shooting Star 2012 Irene & David Miller

Crystal Executives 2012
Cindy Fogarty
Cleanse Zen
Trevor & Linda Chatham
Shane Mezger
Aster Lee
Alice Fraser
Jenny Roche
David Moore

Rising Star 2012 Paul McAneny & Suzanne Skillen

100-Pound Club Lesley Jackson

$100,000+ Income Earners
Irene & David Miller

“Celebration was so magical and uplifting. It was a fantastic experience! Our Shooting Star award was an incredible acheivement and our cheques were such a talking point, to be recognised for our hard work over the last 12 months was amazing! This is the just beginning and we’re so excited to experience what the future holds, no other company on the planet is changing lives like Isagenix!” Irene Miller