Have you tried our new AMPED™ range? These products are a new addition to the Isagenix Energy and Performance solution and are set to be a game changer from the way people workout to how they use them to build their Isagenix® business.

There are so many valuable benefits from getting into #AMPEDmode, but we’ve picked out five that will open your eyes to the wonders of these amazing products! So, what are they and how will you benefit?

1.    Daily Use: Anybody serious about their fitness goals knows it’s a long process to create results and maintain them. If you’re seeking long-term outcomes, whatever your goals may be, AMPED is here to support your health journey. Want to know something even more exciting? AMPED can be consumable on Cleanse Days!

2.    Targeted Solutions: Need something to fuel power and strength within your muscles? AMPED™ Power is the perfect pre-workout for the typical weight trainer looking to improve muscle mass and core strength. Maybe you need an energy booster for cardio workouts? Then AMPED™ NOx is your new essential to keep in your gym bag! Whatever exercise you’re taking part in, AMPED™ Recover is the game changer – it’s a post workout supplement that will assist in faster muscle recovery, so you can get back to work and maintain your efforts!

3.    High-quality Ingredients: The AMPED range has a mix of essential nutrients, high-quality protein and natural caffeine to help you achieve muscle growth while hastening post-workout recovery and allowing you to experience optimal performance. The science behind our no-compromise products means you can trust that you are fueling your body with the safest and best possible ingredients.

4.    Business Building Benefits: Using AMPED and seeing incredible results is the perfect opportunity to build your business. When people see the benefits through their own eyes, it builds essential trust and understanding.

5.    Part of a System: At Isagenix, we don’t just provide individual products that have to be used alone – we create a system that allows each and every ingredient to work alongside one another. Take AMPED with your other favourite Isagenix products to receive the best possible nutrition and provide the fuel your body needs. Here’s two examples for you to use to gain the best possible results:

•    Take AMPED Power and/or AMPED NOx before training and throughout your session, maintain your strength, power and ability through fueling your body with essential electrolytes by sipping Replenish™ throughout your workout!

•    Mix AMPED Recover into your IsaLean™ PRO Shake for the ultimate post-workout meal!