Spring iStock_000006199140SmallSpring might still be a few weeks away, but now is the time to start Spring cleansing!

You declutter your closets, so why not declutter your routine and your eating habits? Setting aside one day every week for a Deep Cleanse Day can make all the difference!

Here are a few things to do right now to get ready for Spring cleansing just in time for warmer weather:

1. Get rid of the junk

Have a stash of chocolate calling you from another room? Toss it and replace it with the healthier alternative: IsaDelight Plus™! Available in Dark Chocolate, these decadent little treats are only 60 calories (250 kilojoules) each and feature green tea extract to fire up your metabolism. Better yet, they’re approved for Cleanse Days! Next, get rid of any other tempting processed foods like chips or cookies and replace them with whole foods like organic apples and salad greens.

Save the date BLP0116622-300x2542. Save the date

Get your calendar out and save the date for your upcoming Cleanse Days. As a guide, plan for Mondays following the typically over-indulgent weekends and start the week off right, otherwise plan to suit your schedule.

3. Check your products

Do you what you need or know when it will be running out? Update your Autoship to make sure you have enough Cleanse for Life™, IsaLean™ Shakes, Ageless Actives™ and other Isagenix® solutions on hand so can you stick to your new lifestyle and never run out of the key products that keep you on track.

4. Get a buddy

Making a change can be challenging, but research shows that having an accountability partner or someone who’s also making the same change can encourage even better results. Find a friend, your spouse or colleague at work who wants to achieve similar goals and ask if they will support you or even do a Cleanse Day with you!

yoga-stretch-300x2005. Create an action plan

To create your action plan for success, consider writing down your time line for your Cleanse Day. Cleanse Days aren’t just about the physical process; it’s a mental one, too! Breaking a habit means being aware and making conscious choices that are different from what you’re used to. By creating an action plan for your Cleanse Day, you’re setting yourself up for success.

  • When you’ll drink your Cleanse for Life
  • When you’ll have your Isagenix Snacks® or IsaDelight Plus
  • What you’ll do during normal meal times

Plan on taking a brisk walk or doing yoga to create a positive distraction. Redirecting your energy toward productive, fun and healthy habits can make it easier to stay on track during your Cleanse Days.

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