launchPartyDUD-IsaFYI-700x112As we get into Launch Party Week as part of the 90-Day Game Plan, let’s take a moment to look at three common Launch Party mistakes and how you can avoid making them ever again (or in the first place)!

Tip #1: Keep presentations brief and engaging

The best parties are the ones that feel like they passed in the blink of an eye – even if they lasted all night long!

The mistake: Spending too long presenting the Isagenix® products and opportunity will make your guests feel like they’re trapped in a never-ending lecture. It’s a sure way to get them checking their watches and running for the door as soon as you pause for a breath.

The solution: First, give your guests an idea of what they’re getting into. Let them know you’ll only take up an hour (or less) of their time. Next, make your presentation interesting and interactive. Use videos from or Isagenix ANZ on YouTube to help you share the Isagenix story quickly and completely. Then, let them know the formal presentation is over and move on to enjoying product tastings, helping them get started with Isagenix, or just mingling and enjoying each other’s company.

Tip #2: Create a comfortable atmosphere

Attending your Launch Party shouldn’t require completing an obstacle course to get to the presentation, unless it’s at the finish line of an actual race.

The mistake: Have you ever gone to someone’s house and had to navigate around a minefield of children’s toys or other obstacles? It’s a total turn-off, which means it’s not good for business. Same goes for stopping by the guest bathroom only to discover that the toilet paper is out and there’s no soap left!

The solution: When you’re busy running a business (and a household) it can become second nature to navigate around the obstacles in your way; it’s just life. But remember, your guests haven’t won a medal for tricycle hopping or working that tricky soap dispenser. Take a tour of your home and try to see it through the eyes of a guest. It doesn’t have to be sparkling clean, but do make sure all of the public areas are clean, safe to navigate and guest-friendly.

Tip #3: Rehearse and be prepared

Have you ever been to a show that felt like it wasn’t ready for (paying) ticketholders? It doesn’t really inspire you to take positive action at the end.

The mistake: Forgetting to prepare your presentation, which can lead to an awkward agenda, technical glitches (you do know how to work your DVD player, right?), and non-compliant testimonials, can all lead to awkwardly long periods of uncomfortable silence and an unsuccessful Launch Party.

The solution: Using videos from or Isagenix ANZ on YouTube are a great idea. Make sure you are confident your system works and that you can start (and stop) your videos on your command. If you choose to have others share their personal stories (which by the way can be extremely powerful) be sure all testimonials are compliant. Confirm which of your guests will be presenting, that they are comfortable sharing at your Launch Party, and that they can tell their story in the time allotted!

Bonus: Have fun!

Hey, life happens! Just remember to have fun and encourage your guests to do the same. It’s better to laugh at your remote control chaos than to get frustrated and send everyone home! In the end, if you’re having fun, chances are your guests will too. And, they’ll remember your Launch Party for the RIGHT reasons!

Don’t forget to check out the In-Home Presentations video with Isagenix Millionaire, Suzanne S. and download the How to do a Launch Party guide to help you plan the perfect party!

Tune into today’s 90-Day Game Plan conference call with Sandy Golder, 5 Star Golden Circle, 4 Star Crystal Executive, at 1:00pm AEDT (Sydney time), to learn more about Launch Parties!