Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” – John L. Beckley

One of the simplest tools for you to set up is your calendar, taking into account the other duties in your life, and being realistic about what time you can devote at this point to your business.

Being overly optimistic about how much time you have will likely lead to missing the targets you’ve set for yourself and can have a negative affect, so it’s important to be realistic. Set aside accurate targets to achieve. It may not seem like much at first but 3 to 5 prospecting calls a day in between the busy times of your life, will soon add up.

Set realistic targets for your 3-Way Calls and launch parties as well and try to prioritise time for developing yourself and your team factoring in events such as IsaUnis.

Think of it like you have just bought into a franchise and are trying to set up a business. Wouldn’t you be keen to go along to hear from other successful people on how they have done it? Events can educate you and get you up to speed quickly and effectively.

If everyone on your team makes a similar commitment to realistic activity levels, well, then something’s going to happen!