90dayGP_profileImage_500x500-150x150It’s time to round up Round Two of the 90-Day Game Plan Launch Party week! To wrap it up, we’d love you to share your Launch Party experience with us on the 90-Day Game Plan Facebook group!

Did you discover yummy product combinations and recipes that your guests loved? What were your successes? And do you have any funny ‘learning’ experiences others will relate to? We can’t wait to hear from you!

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Take some time to listen to the latest 90-Day Game Plan calls:

16 March – 8 Star Platinum, 4 Star Executive, Heidi MacAllan kicks off the 90-Day Game Plan with her tips on how to make the most of the next 90 days!

24 March – 5 Star Golden Circle, 3 Star Crystal Executive, Anna Richards shares her tips on how to commit to your plan and sweep aside distractions!

31 March – 5 Star Golden Circle, 4 Star Crystal Executive, Sandy Golder tells you all about launch parties and how they can transform your business in no time!

April 7 – Time flies when you’re having fun – and when you’re working hard! Isagenix Millionaire Jen Patch shares how to get your people paid with You + 2, Them + 2.

April 14 –  7 Star Golden Circle, 4 Star Crystal Executive, Nat Cook talks you through how to review your first 30 days and how to reset your goals, keep your vision in line with your ‘Why’ and keep the momentum up for the next 30 days!

April 28 – Get your party-planning hats on with Isagenix Millionaire Suzanne Skillen and learn how you can present a successful in-home presentation, follow up and help people join Isagenix.

The next 90-Day Game Plan conference call will be at 1:00pm AEST (Sydney time) on Tuesday 12 May – save the date for the latest updates!