It’s easier than ever for YOU and YOUR TEAM to earn bonus money and get your products for free. It’s called ‘You + 2, Them + 2’ and it’s all part of your 90 Day Game Plan.

Here’s how it works:

‘You + 2’

Step 1: Become an Isagenix Associate, purchase a President’s Pak and set up your Autoship to start earning great bonuses.

Step 2: Help 2 friends join Isagenix with a qualifying pak or system within the same commission week (that’s Monday through Sunday) and you can earn a bonus of $370!

That’s it! Now you’re an Isagenix Consultant and you completed ‘You + 2’.

Now lets look at ‘Them + 2’

Step 1: Help two friends do exactly what you did, share with two people that they know.

Step 2: Have your 2 people enrol 2 people in Isagenix with a qualifying pak or system and you’ll receive a bonus $200!

You can earn even more money!

If you do ‘You + 2, Them +2’ within your first 30 days of starting in Isagenix, you will become a Crystal Manager and receive a bonus $250!

Now just do it again to win even more bonuses. That’s the great thing, it’s easy for you and your team to duplicate!