It’s week 8 of the #90DayGP – what goal are you setting for this week and how do you plan on taking action to achieve this success? Check out the details below which will give you an insight into the best ways to turn online interests into real-world prospects.

Social Media Strategy
Social media is a great way to connect with new people. But, it’s no substitute for a real-world conversation. Successful Network Marketers are also successful relationship builders and building a relationship requires personal interaction. So, how do you connect with people to make online interests, real-world prospects?

Setting the Scene
Once you’ve set up your personal social media strategy, start thinking about how you’ll monitor and respond to people interacting with you and your posts.

Keeping it Simple
When someone interacts with you and expresses interest in learning more about what you do, or how you do it, keep your response short and sweet!

Don’t bombard them with more information or urge them to ‘buy now!’ Contact them via direct message and schedule a time to chat with them in person or set up a three-way phone call so you can find out their why. Mastering three-way calls are now leading the way in Network Marketing business success.

Follow through on that scheduled call or meeting where you can let the natural enthusiasm in your voice shine!

See it in Action
Here’s an example of how you can take online interest offline:

Your friend, Jane Doe, comments on a photo of you holding a medal after a 10K run. She says, “Wow, you’re obviously doing something right! What is it?!”

You respond publicly in a comment, “Hi, Jane! I’ll send you a message about my ‘secret weapon!’”

Then, you immediately send a Facebook message (or a text, if you have their phone number) to set up a meeting within the next 48 hours. Offer two appointment slots to offer as options. Your message, then, would look something like this:

“Hi, Jane! I’m still learning about the products, but my friend, Sarah, knows all about them, and she has time available for a phone call at 3:00pm and 6:00pm tomorrow to tell you more. It’ll only take 15 minutes. What time works for you?”

The key is to keep it simple and take the conversation offline. Once you do that, you can get more in depth and start building a meaningful relationship!

So how are you going to make the most of the #90DayGP this week? Plug into the 90-Day Game Plan ANZ Facebook group to join others in smashing goals and achieving success!