1200-90 Day Launch Party

Are you in full swing with the 90-Day Game Plan and making the most of building your business, expanding your awareness and collaborating with your team? The 90-Day Game Plan is here to support you and your team every step of the way and with Launch Party Week kicking off Monday 25 April 2016, this is the most vital time to get involved and see how you can host the BEST launch parties in your area!

Page 38 in the 90-Day Game Plan is a must to read. Ensure you are equipped and ready to rock and roll – launch parties are your time to shine and show new prospects just how incredible the health and wellness journey is.

So what are the seven steps to getting the most out of a launch party for you and your team?

1.    Preparation
2.    Set Up
3.    Welcome
4.    Launch Party
5.    How to Get Your Products Paid for
6.    Close
7.    How to Follow Up with Those Who Don’t Attend

The majority of Isagenix Millionaires and Top Leaders will agree with the importance of plugging into Launch Parties. Whether you want to meet new people, build confidence, expand knowledge or simply get involved in all the fun – don’t underestimate the power of these valuable tools, essential for generating business development!

Remember: this is all about NEW people, so focus on them to learn their visions and goals because at Isagenix, serving others, serves you.

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve been doing to host the best launch parties to date! Share your launch party photos on social media to spread the word about this exciting week and let everyone know how you are using the #90DayGP to build the business of your dreams.