Are you a Gmail user using that email address as your main point of contact listed in your Back Office? Well here’s a quick reminder for you!
You may have noticed recently that Gmail updated its inbox settings to help you sort through your messages more easily with ‘Primary’, ‘Social’ and ‘Promotional’ communications buckets.
We want to make sure you don’t miss any of the important communications from Isagenix®, so we have a quick task for you…
1) Log in to your Gmail account.
2) Select an Isagenix-related email in your ‘Promotions’ tab and drag it over to your ‘Primary’ tab. Or, simply right-click on the message and select ‘move to tab’ to move it to ‘Primary’.
By following this process you’ll ensure that you don’t miss any important updates we send you regarding your orders, enrolments and the latest news.
As always, if you are concerned you might have missed something, log in to your Back Office and check your IsaMail – your personal Isagenix inbox securely located in your Back Office!