The ANZ market finally have their hands on the new AMPED™ range, so while you kick of your 90-Day Game Plan, why not take your fitness goals even further with the use of these incredible products in the new AMPED™ PRO Pak!

So, what are the new products?
AMPED™ Power

A pre-workout supplement designed to offer athletic support by preparing your body before a workout and helping to improve performance.

“Since incorporating AMPED Power into the nutrient timing around my workouts, my strength and the intensity while training has increased hugely. I’ve developed 6kg of lean muscle while decreasing my body fat percentage, most noticeably on my waist.”- Ben Kelly. AMPED Ambassador

The perfect pre-workout shot to help prime muscles for maximum performance during high-intensity exercise.

“I have been looking for something like AMPED NOx for a long time, a natural healthy way to kick-start my workouts. NOx helps me to train harder so my workouts are more effective.”- Rico Gear. AMPED Ambassador

AMPED™ Recover
A post-workout drink for better muscle recovery and rebuilding.

“Adding AMPED Recover into my daily training routine has taken my results to a level I didn’t think was possible. I can train longer and harder, but then wake up the next day able train hard again because my recovery is phenomenal.”- Anna Richards. AMPED Ambassador

How can you use AMPED in conjunction with other Isagenix products?
To get the best possible results from your training, add AMPED Recover to your IsaPro™ Shake for a post-workout treat and to maximise muscle recovery.

The AMPED range is just one part of the AMPED PRO Pak, Energy and Performance Solution with Isagenix. Products such as e+ and IsaLean PRO Shake are essential tools for well-rounded nutrition and maximum performance.  Purchase yours now and amp up your knowledge to see how this is the perfect opportunity to smash your health goals and build your business with these amazing new products!