2019 has finally arrived so now’s the time to chase those goals that you’ve been putting off! New Year’s resolutions can be daunting – but don’t stress! Rather than making lofty goals that will take 12 months to achieve, set yourself smaller milestones to help you stay motivated along the way. Sign up for the IsaBody Challenge® and start, complete, repeat and keep yourself accountable!

One of the main reasons resolutions quickly fall by the wayside is because people don’t see instant results. We start to question, ‘Is all this hard work and sweat worth it?’ and the doubts start to creep in. Luckily Isagenix® can help kick those doubts to the curb!

Our number one secret lies in our intermittent fasting, known to our community as Isagenix Cleanse Days. As scary as they may sound for first timers, Cleanse Days as part of an Isagenix System are a simple and easy way to get results you’re striving for.

Let’s settle the most common misconception from the outset: no, you’re not starving yourself! On a Cleanse Day you receive enough nutrients from Cleanse for Life™ and Cleanse Day-approved snacks such as Whey Thins™, Isagenix Snacks™ and IsaDelight™ to curb your appetite and ensure you get the benefits of your fast. If you weren’t already feeling awesome after using our amazing products, stepping on the scales after a Cleanse Day will have you feeling on top of the world – and might be just the motivation you need to keep those resolutions front-of-mind.

Apart from feeling incredible and achieving your goals, completing one Cleanse Day a week or one double cleanse a fortnight will help you create a positive routine. Not only can you plan your Isagenix System around Cleanse Days, but you can also schedule your training sessions accordingly. Your mid-cleanse exercise of choice might be a leisurely walk or an invigorating swim. You might even save your high-intensity workouts for Cleanse Days – many people say they feel extra nimble and energetic! We give you flexibility so you can take control and own your journey.

Isagenix will never give up on your New Year’s resolutions and neither should you! If you’re new to Isagenix and cleansing, join us on 9 January for our CleANZe Day. Link arms with thousands of health and wellness enthusiasts who are just as excited as you to make a change in 2019. Need extra motivation? Check out our Instagram @IsagenixANZ. And don’t forget to share your CleANZe Day success with us, just tag @IsagenixANZ and use #cleanseday.