Nicky Jankovic has been passionate about fitness, health and wellness her whole life. She spent much of her childhood participating in team sports and enjoying an active lifestyle. “I played Field Hockey at school and always valued being outdoors – my desire for sports and fitness grew so much that I studied Exercise Science at university,” she says. “Eventually, I moved on to Personal Training where I could help other women to live healthy and happy lives.”

Accidently getting into the competition side of fitness, Nicky found herself immersed in a whole new approach to dieting. “Training for competitions proved to be tough. I restricted myself from certain foods which lead to binge eating after competitions,” Nicky says. “Fitness modelling wasn’t popular 10 years ago, but since the industry has developed, I’ve slowly started to re-balance my lifestyle and finding Isagenix® has been the key to securing balanced nutrition.”

Nicky discovered Isagenix when observing that 3 Star Golden Circle, Crystal Executive Kerri Pottharst’s husband Max Dagenais, looked incredibly well. “I remember saying, ‘what’s the secret? Because I’m the fitness professional and you’re the computer nerd’ – but the evidence showed that he was clearly in better shape!” she recalls. “When he told me he was using Isagenix, I jumped in with excitement to try something new because I hadn’t heard much about the name and felt intrigued to give it a go.”_MG_3781 (Large)

Being open-minded, Nicky began the Energy and Performance program as soon as she could get her hands on the products. “Within 16 days I had a transformation!” she exclaims. “It would usually take me 6-8 weeks to see results from healthy eating and training – but this transformation was phenomenal!” At this point, Nicky decided to try giving up coffee because the Energy and Performance program now gave her the vitality and nutrition her body had previously lost. “I don’t drink coffee anymore,” Nicky confirms. “I have an e+  before training each morning which is much better as it doesn’t create anxiety that coffee gives me.”

Meal planning used to be stressful for Nicky but the fitness model now embraces the convenience of being able to rely on receiving balanced nutrition, with the help of Isagenix. “No matter how hard I try to make 5 balanced meals a day– I always give in and revert to Isagenix,” she says. “I can depend on IsaLean™ Pro to nourish me with essential protein intake, which makes eating so much easier!”

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When introduced to Isagenix, many people automatically assume that the program is only Weight Loss focused. Nevertheless, Nicky appreciates the significance of ensuring new customers know about the different Isagenix Solutions available to suit their individual needs. “When working alongside athletes, I still have to explain what the Energy and Performance program provides because many instantly assume the company focuses on Weight Loss – you have to reassure them that there’s a solution for everyone!” she says.

Nicky is a firm believer in nurturing new product users so they get the most out of the program. “The problem is we live in a society where the one bad opinion overrules the 1000 positive views so a lot of people hold back with doubts,” Nicky says. “It took my best friend nine months to warm to the idea of trying Isagenix but once she decided to give it a chance, she soon felt amazing!”

Nicky now aims to inspire young females to live from a place of ‘planning ahead’. “I want to teach girls that we don’t have to disturb our hormones in order to create a healthy looking body,” she says. “I educate girls to think ahead, focus on improving the inside first, then the physique will follow.”

And nutrition balance isn’t the only discovery Nicky has made with Isagenix. “My biggest breakthrough from being part of this company is the personal development opportunity available to everyone embarking on this journey,” she says. “You can gain so much from attending Isagenix events. If only more people in the fitness industry spent as much time working on their self-development as they did their physique – I can’t imagine how incredible the industry would be!”