Have you tried our latest products launched in the ANZ market? The AMPED™ range is the new game changer, so if you’re looking to build and maintain lean muscle and improve your workouts or even share these products to build your Isagenix® business, then AMPED™ Power is for you!

What is AMPED Power and why should I use it?
A pre-workout supplement designed to improve strength and performance before exercise. AMPED Power is a safe and effective blend designed to improve the overall results of your workouts containing Glycine and L-carnitine to provide athletic support. Creatine is a natural compound that helps supply energy to muscle. 720-Power-darkThis supports increased power, strength and sprint speed over time. Creatine has been extensively studied for both its effectiveness and safety with long-term use.

How Can AMPED Power build my Isagenix Business?
With our incredible new AMPED PRO Pak available, you can now introduce athletes and dedicated Energy & Performance prospects to Isagenix. Host an ‘Energy & Performance’ launch party and offer your time to people who are interested in learning how improving their nutrition will impact their training, building of lean building muscle and love of being in the gym!

AMPED Power is here- train harder, for longer!