Looking to take your performance to the next level? Then the AMPED™ line is for you. Whether you’re an athlete in the peak of your career, a weekend warrior who is serious about your training and performance, or looking to take your game to the next level, the right combination and timing of the AMPED products can make a significant difference to how you show up and back up after a training session or event.

When to take it: 2-24 hours prior to exercise.
How it works: Taken before a workout, AMPED NOx contains fruit and vegetable extracts designed to support nitric oxide production and support blood flow. Nitric oxide helps blood vessels function normally during exercise. This increases the delivery of vital nutrients and oxygen to working muscles and helps delay fatigue. The result of proper nitric oxide production is enhanced muscle efficiency so that you can train harder for longer.

When to take it:
15-30 minutes prior to exercise.
How it works:
Supplementing with creatine can support resting levels of creatine phosphate in muscle cells. Creatine phosphate can help to recover energy (ATP – adenosine triphosphate) during rest phases of high-intensity exercise.

AMPED Recover
When to take it: Immediately after exercise; it can also be taken during exercise to promote nutrient availability in the post-exercise period.
How it works: BCAAs, leucine in particular, are key essential amino acids that stimulate muscle protein synthesis – the repair and growth of new muscle tissue – while isoleucine and valine stimulate nutrient uptake by cells. When combined, these BCAAs provide better post-workout recovery. AMPED Recover features a blend of branched-chain amino acids and L-carnitine to support muscle maintenance and rebuilding after exercise. Consume after exercise or combine with water and/or sip during exercise to support muscles and reduce fatigue.

AMPED Hydrate
When to take it: Before, during and/or after exercise.
How it works: The body loses vitamins, electrolytes and water during exercise. Proper hydration is extremely important to recovery when exercise is intense or long. Replenishing fluid, carbohydrates and electrolytes before, during and after exercise can improve performance.

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