Inspiring others and assisting in changing lives is a large part of what drives us. Isagenix is all about sharing and connecting with others. With this in mind, we have created a new business tool, designed to create interest and curiosity in potential prospects – the 30-Day Body Transformation flyer. 30 Day Body Tranformation 720px Web Assets5

The 30-Day Body Transformation flyer is a new tool to encourage your customers to start on the Isagenix program with the added benefit of accountability for the 30 days. In your Back Office, you will find expression of interest forms that prospects can fill out to express their interest in joining a 30-Day Body Transformation, as well as an array of images designed to be shared via social media. Hold these 30-Day Body Transformations at any time with your interested people – the New Year is the perfect time!

Utilising the business tools available is a simple and effective way to share Isagenix products and also ensures consistency and quality when duplicating business-building behaviours throughout your team.  The 30-Day Body Transformation flyers are designed to propel your business forward and help support you in taking your business to the next level – and best of all, the images and expression of interest forms are compliant! So you can share to your hearts content.

With the lead up into summer, now is the perfect time to utilise the 30-Day Body Transformation tools and get everyone on board for a life-changing transformation. Find the flyers here under the ‘Print and Web Media and Ad Design Guidelines’ drop-down. Please agree to the terms and conditions to gain access to the flyers.