What You Need to Know

ANZ.IsaFYI.com is your news and information hub for Isagenix in Australia. You can also find IsaFYI sites for each of our international markets. Each day we post, we also offer a convenient email summarising the day’s news via our RSS service.

To better serve our readers, ANZ.IsaFYI.com will be changing our RSS feed service. This is what generates our email updates of current stories on the site. If you are currently subscribed to these updates, you should see the first one on August 6. From that day forth, you will see those emails coming from the address: feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com.

We suggest you add this new email address to your address book, to ensure your RSS feed emails are delivered to your inbox (and not into your spam folder).

If for any reason you don’t get your daily emails, have no fear – you can easily re-subscribe. Simply visit IsaFYI for Australia, put your email address into the appropriate section at the top of the page and click on the, “Subscribe” button.

Then, check your email and confirm your subscription. From there, you’ll get an email summarising the day’s posts. If nothing is posted that day, you won’t get an email. It’s as easy as that!