On July 16, 2016, 4 Star Golden Circle, Executive, Rob H. will courageously take part in a 12-hour stair climbing challenge set in the stunning surroundings of Coogee Stairs, NSW. Known as The Stairway to Heaven, this particular spot and the challenge itself, hold a huge place in Rob’s heart because of a particular event that happened in his life.

On this day, 4 years ago, Rob lost his partner, Rachelle. This beautiful lady had introduced Rob to the Isagenix community and together they lovingly embraced a life of wellbeing and contribution.

Rachelle lost her precious life to a man from her past, who lived with an extremely harmful attitude towards women; sadly, statistics show that these types of crimes are rising. “I believe that early intervention may have prevented the tragedy and many other cases similar to Rachelle’s,” Rob says. “Rachelle confirmed that Isagenix was the key to living a rewarding life and healthy life – her warm heart aligned with the company’s values in helping others to live a life of health and freedom; I am so grateful she gave me the gift of Isagenix.”

Rob has chosen the stairs due to the significance of its name, The Stairway to Heaven as well as the difficulty of its elevation. Some steps are much higher than others which will truly put Rob’s fitness level, ability and skill to the test.

Incorporating the Isagenix® Energy and Performance System into healthy living and an intense training program, Rob’s completion of the 12-hour challenge will not only be a memorable day, but will also benefit a great cause.

“I know Rachelle would appreciate this – we explored the outdoors and enjoyed living a life of adventure and challenge together – we planned to do Everest Base Camp Trek!” Rob recalls. “Rachelle had a strong passion for healthy living and she had just began to embrace the Isagenix culture. If it weren’t for her belief and love of the Isagenix products I wouldn’t be using and sharing this incredible nutrition today.”

Rob’s mission is to raise funds and awareness to support White Ribbon Australia who aim to build greater equality and respect between men and women. “I’m going to ensure that Rachelle’s passing wasn’t in vain – I want others to know that help is available and it’s always possible to continue making this world a safer and healthier place,” Rob adds. “Each day I’m thankful for all the things Rachelle and Isagenix have taught me. Sometimes life throws huge hurdles at us when we’re least expecting it, but moving forward to continue helping others, means Rachelle is a part of this positive change too.”