People are always on the hunt for the best tips and tricks to better their ‘belly’. No matter where you are on your health journey, people are always searching to drop centimetres, have more defined abs or maintain their physique.

While almost all the hard work needed for a better belly is done in the gym and on your plate – or shakes – sometimes you need a little helping hand. That’s where the Bedtime Belly Buster (BBB) comes in!

Chances are you’ve heard about the BBB but might not know what it is. So here are some answers to your most asked questions.

What Is the Bedtime Belly Buster?

The BBB combines high-quality protein and Isagenix Greens™ to make a ‘nightcap’ at the end of your day. Simply blend one scoop of IsaPro with a stick of Isagenix Greens and enjoy this satisfying, high-protein treat! The BBB is best when enjoyed 30-60 minutes before bed.

The BBB Core Components:

Together, this delicious combination is designed to stop your cravings for a late-night snack, while helping you get some much-needed rest.

If I had a late dinner, should I still do the BBB?

For optimum absorption of the high-quality whey protein that IsaPro provides, it’s best to consume the BBB an hour or two after your last meal and 30-60 minutes before bed. If you enjoyed a late meal rich in protein, have consumed a little more calories than you’d hoped throughout the day or can’t fit the BBB into your schedule then you might want to give it a miss for a day.

Can the BBB be used during intermittent fasting/Cleanse Days?

We don’t recommend incorporating the BBB into your intermittent fasting. The goal of intermittent fasting/Cleansing is to consume as little as possible within your own personal limits while receiving nutritional support from Cleanse for Life™ and a handful of Isagenix products. Having the BBB would blow out your intermittent fasting calorie intake, so it’s best to save your BBB for Shake Days.

Does the BBB replace a meal?

IsaPro is not a complete meal replacement like IsaLean™ Shake and IsaLean™ PRO Shake. For this reason, the BBB is not considered a meal. The BBB is simply a nightly addition to your routine and is designed to support your overall #HealthyChange.

Who should do the Bedtime Belly Buster?

If you’re struggling to break your plateau or indulge in guilty late-night snacks, you could benefit from the BBB. Combine the BBB with your Isagenix® system, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your weight-loss goals.

Athletes can also benefit from this late-night dose of whey protein before bed to support muscle recovery and growth. If you’re looking to bulk or tone up, you may even want to increase the BBB serving of IsaPro to two scoops for maximum results.

Won’t having the BBB right before bed cause weight gain?

Late-night snacks are often discussed in a negative light. The fact is, the success or detriment of late-night snacks comes down to the quality of snacks. You’ve got to remember that most people’s idea of a late-night snack is chips or chocolate, which aren’t right for you at any time of the day. Research has shown that consuming a low-calorie, high-protein snack 30-60 minutes before bed may increase your metabolic rate and even decrease early morning hunger (1-4).

How long should the BBB be used?

There is no limit on how long you can keep the BBB in your nightly routine. Supplementing with the targeted nutrition that the BBB provides before bedtime can be incorporated into any lifestyle geared towards health and wellness for as long as you desire.

How many scoops of IsaPro should be used?

The BBB was created with one scoop of IsaPro to provide 18 g of quality protein at a calorie level that can easily fit within a weight loss system. Of course, you can customise the BBB, so if you’re trying to build muscle, you might want to try two scoops of IsaPro.

Do I have to include Isagenix Greens in my BBB routine?

While Isagenix Greens are part of the core components of the BBB, you can always substitute Greens with Ionix® Supreme, a sprinkle of AMPED Hydrate, or even additional IsaPro instead. As long as the high-quality protein is consumed 30-60 minutes before bed, the BBB can still be useful in supporting your goals.


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