Any auto mechanic would recognise that the best cars in the world—a Lamborghini, for instance—are indeed the best because they’re made with the highest-quality craftsmanship and parts.

Likewise, an experienced health professional recognises new-shakes-150x150that the quality of a meal replacement shake can depend a lot on the quality of its individual ingredients and design.

“Why wouldn’t you choose the Lamborghini of meal replacement shakes?” asks Isagenix Scientific Advisory Board member Dr. Nick Messina referring to Isagenix IsaLean Shakes in a “Science Talk” given at Celebration 2014 in San Diego.


IsaLean® Shake, he said, was specifically formulated to be a complete meal replacement with an ideal balance of carbs, fat, fiber, and protein. Without this proper balance, a meal replacement shake won’t be able to successfully do its job—replace a meal.

Where IsaLean Shakes really pull ahead of the competition is in its content and quality of protein, Dr. Messina said. IsaLean Shake or IsaLean Pro provide either 24 grams or 36 grams of protein, respectively. These are optimum quantities for maximum satiety, muscle building, and fat burning (1-4).

The type of protein matters, too. According to Dr. Messina, IsaLean Shake contains what scientific studies have shown to the most superior combination of proteins—namely dairy proteins, and in particular, whey protein (5,6).

Vitamins and Minerals

The bigger parts of a car, like the engine, may be thought as the greatest contributor to its quality, but the little parts are also important and contribute in their own ways.

Similarly, the more minor “parts” of IsaLean Shake, such as the vitamins and minerals, contribute to its superiority as a meal replacement. IsaLean Shakes provide a complete vitamin and mineral profile to help people meet their daily needs.

Vitamins and minerals are listed as Percent Daily Value (%DV) on the Nutrition Facts Panel of the IsaLean Shake label.  The Percent Daily Values serve as a guide to the amount of nutrients in a serving of food. The values are listed as percent because it’s easier to see how much a serving contributes to daily needs.

However, consumers often wonder how exactly how much of each is actually in the product. For convenience, a full breakdown of vitamins and minerals is published below in respective international units (IU), milligrams (mg), or micrograms (µg):


%DV in IsaLean   Shake

(Creamy Dutch   Chocolate)

Actual Amount

(IU, mg,   or µg)

Vitamin A


2,500 IU

Vitamin C


24 mg



300 mg



2.52 mg

Vitamin D


320 IU

Vitamin E


10.5 IU



.9 mg



1.19 mg



9 mg

Vitamin B6


1.2 mg



320 µg

Vitamin B12


12 µg



135 µg

Pantothenic Acid


4 mg



250 mg



50 µg



200 mg



6.75 mg



28 µg



1 mg



1.2 mg



96 µg



45 µg


Craftsmanship and Quality

Aside from the components, the quality of IsaLean Shakes sets it apart. Isagenix has stringent quality standards when it comes to making products, including IsaLean Shakes. Every raw ingredient is rigorously tested for content of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, and microbial activity. Once the shakes are made into final product they are again tested as well as being tested to make sure they have the amounts of nutrients that are claimed on the label. This ensures not only the safest shake, but also one that delivers what it promises.

Clinically Studied

Moreover, Dr. Messina said that if people are going to choose a meal replacement shake, why not choose one that has been clinically studied to be effective in supporting healthy, sustainable weight loss in the long term?

IsaLean Shakes have been put to the test, Dr. Messina said, in the form of clinical research, and shown to be more effective in supporting healthy weight loss in comparison to a typical physician-prescribed heart healthy diet.

“Any company can test its shake, but Isagenix is the only one I’ve seen that actually takes the chance of putting it up against a healthy normal food diet. That’s risky. But the results speak for themselves—it’s Isagenix for the win,” Dr. Messina said.

Just as with Lamborghinis, IsaLean Shake isn’t afraid of a little competition, he said.


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